Caring for your TRUE Virgin hair 

1. Gently comb out the hair with a wide tooth comb to remove any tangles

2. Wet the hair with hot water

3. Shampoo the hair, making sure not to rub sideways, always rub/wash lengthwise (never scrub your hair!!)

4. Rinse the hair with hot water

5.  Apply conditioner in a lengthwise manner, making sure to get all the hair. You can use a wide tooth comb again at this point to make sure all strands soak up the conditioner.

6. Let the conditioner sit for 3-5 minutes

7. Rinse with hot water

8. Dab the hair to dry it. Do not rub the hair as it can cause tangling.


********Repeat this process every other day to keep your extensions beautiful and healthy.

Remember the better you care for your hair, the better it will look and perform and the longer it will last.


 Using Products

Using good quality shampoo and conditioner will work wonders for both your natural hair and your hair extensions. Look for products that are sulfate-free as they are gentler on hair. Sulfates are harsh chemicals that are used in household cleaning products. Additionally, a good leave-in conditioner will add more softness to your tresses. Do not use perms or relaxers if your hair is damaged. Always ask your stylist his/her opinion on more complex hair issues as they are trained professionals whose job is to guide you in the right direction.    



Coloring your TRUE Virgin Hair

Our hair here at Empyrean is designed to be able to be dyed to match any color. If you decide to color your extensions, they will react just like your own hair and turn out beautiful. We have customers who have dyed them up to 4 times!