Hair Characteristics by Country

Russian hair is very soft and stylish. We purchase from the eastern part of the country near Siberia, so it has less Slavic characteristics than other Russian hair. This is also why we can sell it for this price and not thousands of dollars like other companies. The hair diameter is the smallest of all the nationalities so it will be a very fine. It lies a little flatter than most of the other hair. But because of this It also styles very well. Our Russian hair is perfect for those more intricate and complex hair styles


The Brazilian is by far our best selling hair. It is extremely versatile so you can style it any way you want. The actual hairs are medium size in diameter so they are not to thick and not too fine. This lets our Brazilian hair blend naturally with the greatest variety of people. It has a medium luster so that it is not too shiny and looks just like your own hair. It is the perfect way to get that great length and body you are looking for. 

Indian Hair is the original. It has been used for many, many years in hair extensions. Lately the prices of the raw materials have increased and many companies have begun to look to other countries as well. It has a very natural shine and luster. The light tends to reflect very well off of Indian hair and it is always a good choice.

Malaysian hair is going to be the thickest hair we sell. It has a larger diameter fiber so it will have the most volume. It is perfect for those who want a very full look or just want to add some serious volume to what they already have. It will be more course than some of the other hair, but it still blends very naturally. 


 Mongolian is very unique and it has the characteristics of both Asian and Russian hair. It is extremely durable and can take the abuse of the modern lifestyle while still holding its integrity. If you have tried every other nationality of hair and are looking for something different, then mongolian is the way to go.